……….. ~

Hear the song of drums till end

See the bickering angels strength

Feeling forsaken in gods embrace

Little by little I forget my name

Starting to rot

Through my young frame,

I try to remember,

I try to regain,

I try to win this accursed game.

And feeling lonely I see death creep

Ahh… my love you start to reek

Hear the piano, hear how it plays

Our lullaby at the end of all days

Look at the stars, look how they shine

See all the corpses I have laid down in thy

Name my sin,

Hear all the souls ,

Screaming for rest ,and to rip out yours

Look at me,

I am just a man

With no soul and no heart

Tormented with a glance.

Forget it!

I have died.

Forgot I cant live

In a world filled with joy

But no love to be received.

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